Benefits of providing food according to your birth star

     Providing food to poor people on the day of one's birth star is said to be beneficial.It can be offered in one of the  following places.
  • Temple followed by one's ancestors (kula deivam)
  • Oldest siva temples near by home or in other places (Sathuragiri,Thiruannamalai,mount parvatha)
  • Temple situated near sea or situated in Hills (Tiruchendur,Palani)

Providing three times food for the poor people on the day of dwadisi in Thiruannamalai is extremely beneficial.

    While doing this one should strictly avoid non-vegetarian food.Food provided should be prepared from the house of devotee itself or it can be cooked in places where it is going to be served. Especially it is very beneficial   if it is done in Thiruannamalai.


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