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Jun 8, 2012

Nellayappar Temple - For mercury dosha

Mercury is the planet for speech, communication skills, education, astrology, business, maths and jobs involving commision.As it the planet for education, as every other planet, it is very important as learning is the basic of education.Specific skills are needed for everything whether it is a job or business as communication plays an important role.

People who have mercury in houses like 6,8,12 or in debilitated state in rasi or navamsam can visit a temple called nellayappar temple situated in tirunelveli in tirunelveli district.This temple is said to be more than 1000 years old.Amman is called gandhimathi. 


Mercury is facing east direction which is a kubera direction which is a rare one.People who want to join a good job or to start a powerful business worship him.

Polla pillayar is special here as new born child is given  through a window having 12 small holes which is the way to get a blessing for good education and life.

Pradosham is also special here as nandhi in ambal temple is specially worshipped and  ambigai was brought out in rishaba chariot.During sivarathiri, amman is also worshipped 4 times as lord siva. 

This temple is situated in the middle of the town as buses are available from old bus stand to reach this temple.

Mar 3, 2012

Viruthapureeswarar Temple - For removing sevvai dosham

 People in this world are having different types of blood groups and if there is any need for blood for medical purposes, blood with blood group prescribed by the doctors for treatment is requested. If the blood with specific blood group is not given it leads to extreme situation.

Couples who are having sevvai dosham are advised to marry people with sevvai dosham due to this specific reason only and it is scientifically proved one.A temple called viruthapureeswarar temple situated in thirupunavasal in pudukottai district is said to be giving  remedy for people who are having sevvai dosham.The temple is said to be 1000 years old.

Speciality of this temple is circumferance of the lingam situated in this temple is bigger than tanjore pragadeeswarar temple.Kanchi sri chandrasekarendra saraswathi swamigal had visited this temple several times.One has to travel 30 kms  from pudukottai to aranthangi first and from there one has to travel 42 kms to reach thirupunavasal 

Feb 27, 2012

Kannayiramudayar Temple - For all 12 signs

Some temple s are special in some different ways such that they will be having something rare that fulfills the wishes of devotees that cannot be seen or heard in other temples in india.As india is a large country with rich cultural heritage that differs from state to state, specialties of temples also differ .

One such temple is situated in a place called kurumaanakudi in nagapattinam district.Speciality of the temple is 12 rasi which denotes 12 houses  in astrology are drawn above  amman temple and devotees pray  to muruguvalarkothai nayagi amman to fulfill their wishes by making kumkuma archanai.This temple is said to be more than 1000 years old.

Devotees who pray for child offer milk, fruits and annathanam during arthajama pooja to lord siva. People offer ghee lamps if they are affected by eye diseases.One has to travel to kathiramangalam which is situated on the route of mayiladuthurai to vaitheeswaran kovil and from there one has to travel 3 kms to reach this temple.

Jul 27, 2011

Time period in indian astrology

Every human being born in this world lives for a certain amount time and indian astrology divides the time period in to  nine dasas.The time period of a human life consisting all dasa periods is 120 years. 

  •  Sun dasa - 6 years
  •  Moon dasa - 10 years
  •  Mars dasa - 7 years
  •  Ragu dasa - 18 years
  •  Jupiter dasa - 16 years
  • Saturn dasa - 19 years
  •  Mercury dasa - 17 years
  •  Ketu dasa - 7 years
  •  Venus dasa - 20 years 

Jul 7, 2011

Basic Astrology - A useful Blog

   There are numerous sites in English offering articles abour Basic Vedic Astrology. A blog  called is very useful for  people who can read Basic Astrology in Tamil Language.

Jul 1, 2011

My first post

Hi all,

 This is my first post and this blog is all about astrology,temples, and remedies.Any one who need help related to your astrology chart can email me. i will answer it within 2-4 days in weeks days.As this service is not free please avoid general questions as they will not be answered.


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