Nakshatra Offerings to Arunachala

It is repeatedly mentioned in the Skandapurana that Lord Shiva will always have a special connection towards those who undertake pradakshina, tapas and austerities at Arunachala. 

According to Nandikeswara, for heavenly enjoyments and eventual satisfaction, there is no greater place of sanctity than the Holy Hill. Remembrance of Arunachala purifies the mind, learning about its greatness perfects the ears and extolling its munificence sanctifies the tongue. It is also stated in the Purana that, “There will be no experience of physical and mental ailments wherever the lingam of Arunachaleswarar is worshipped”. 

Offerings during 27 Nakshatras 

Nakshatras or stars function as sensory organs of the Lord. Arunachaleswarar prefers particular offerings on each day of puja depending upon the ruling star of the day. The precise specification of offerings, however, has a scientific basis. For example, on the day ruled by Krittika (i.e. Moon in Krittika), which is an incendiary or fiery constellation in consonance with the Yajur Vedic hymn, "Agnirnahpaatu Krittikaaha . . ." evocative of light and fire, the offering of lamps (deepams) is suggested. It is therefore in the fitness of things that one offers just what is ordained as it is believed to greatly increase the significance of the seva. 

The below table is based upon the Skandapurana:- 

Day ruled by Nakshatra followed by Nature of Offering 

1. Aswini Vastram (Cloth)
2. Bharani Abharanam (Jewels)
3. Krittika Deepam (Lights)
4. Rohini Thaapyam (Hot Offerings)
5. Mrigasira Srigandham (Sandalpaste)
6. Aridra Harichandanam (Red Sandalpaste)
7. Punarvasu Kasturi
8. Pushyami Karpuram (Camphor)
9. Asiesha Kesari (Saffron)
10. Makha Pachakarpuram in water
11.Pubba Thambulam
12.Uttara Dhoopam (Incense)
13.Hastha Kaalaaguru (A Scent)
14.Chitta Anulepanam
15.Swati Scents
16.Vishaka Chaamaram (Traditional Fans)
17.Anuradha Swetachatram (White Umbrella)
18.Jyeshta Go-ghritam (Cow’s Ghee)
19.Moola Pearl Necklace
20.Purvashada Kireetam (Crown)
21.Uttarashada Nava-ratnams (9 Precious Stones)
22.Sravana Bhadraasanam (as Peeta)
23.Dhanishta Gold
24.Satabhisha Fine Articles
25.Purvabhadra Enjoyable (Bhogya) ones
26.Uttarabhadra Horse
27.Revati Golden Chariot
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