Pancha subra bavanam -Lighting lamps

Lighting lamps daily in home is a very essential one as good energies are increased promoting peace.Siddhars mark the length of time of the lamp as "deepa sudha bhudham" in a light year format.In some temples one can see old lamps which had been lighted for thousand hours or one lakh hours and they are worshipped as sumangali lamps according to their time of lighting and it is called as suvasini pooja.

During navarathiri in every house the lighted lamp should be bright atleast for 3 hours.The lamp which is gives light for 3 hours is called "subra deepam". Another type among this subra deepam which is lighted for 5 hours is called as "pancha subra bavanam"

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  1. sir what is benefit of lighting lamps during navarathri
    and nithy pradosham days.
    also can we light lamps during karinaal in home what is benefit


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