Speciality of Aavani moolam

According to sages Gayathri mantra is recited every day three times by human beings and people who cannot afford to do it can do it atleast every month from moolam star to avittam star by obseving fasting by having only one time food on those five days which will provide blessings from planet saturn who are affected by it during its transit according to their birth charts.During  those days one has to avoid sweets, salt and other ingredients.If it is not possible, observing it atleast in the month of aavani will bring blessings from saturn as this five days are equal to half naligai as saturn affect people on this five days only instead of a year who worship him with more devotion.On this aavani moolam day malaikottai girivalam is special for people who are thinking of unnecessary punishments in office or in home as it will bring much relief.

Thanks to agasthiar archives.


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