Mavootru velappar temple - Theni

Murugan temples are naturally built in hills and in some hill temples blessings of siddhars can be found in abundance even by ordinary people.One such temple is mavootru velappar temple in theni.


Under a huge mango tree, water comes out at all times making the place very special which is situated near the temple in south side.As water is coming under mango tree, it is called mavootru and lord muruga here is called  as mavootru velappar temple.Lord vinayagar is called mavootru vinayagar. Milk, panchamirtham, cocunut water and milk pot are offered for lord muruga after fulfillment of wishes.

This temple is situated at a distance  of 32 kms from theni and 18 kms from andipatti in a place called theppapambatti. Buses are rarely available one in morning and one in evening from andipatti.


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