Dec 29, 2014

Tretha yuga temples

Temples like idumbavanam near pattukottai, koyilur, thilathaipathi, kuruvi rameswaram, theerthanda thanam near aavudayar kovil are special as tretha yuga temples worshipped by sri ram, laksman, sita, hanuman, sugreevan, vaali, vibhshina and angathan.Ofeering tharpanam arkayam to these people and offering tharpana pooja to ancestors using panchangam on the 96 tharpana pooja days will bring immense punya to people who are suffering by pithru dosha. 

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Dec 22, 2014

Speciality of worshipping Sapatha kannigaigal on sapthami tithi

During sapthami tithi, offering 7 types of food in banana leaves for poor and worshipping  saptha matha and saptha kannigas will remove any enmity between anybody like parents and children for any reason or between any people who are in business as 7 types of rays from sun are specially provided on this day.Banana leaves have mithira reka as referred by siddhars. Good longevity with peaceful life is provided if one worships this way.

Goddess aathiparasakthi is referred as santhoshi amman   as saptha kannigai worshipped her when she did penance for getting the blessings of lord siva. After getting blessings of lord siva this saptha kannigas were blessed and are called as saptha mathas.

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Dec 15, 2014

Benefits of worshipping vimala lingam

Worshipping Planet saturn on saturday and kari naal in tamil language on behalf of disabled persons is part of  saturn worship.A siddhar called vitharbakala siddhar who excelled in saturn worship had offered his penace in sri angureswarar temple in aadhikudi village near trichy lalkudi.

Disabled people who want to get cured should worship vimala lingam in this  temple by offering black clothes, black blue combined clothes, blue coloured fruits along with food for poor people.This temple has blessings of manonmani, the diety worshipped by siddhars. Persons who had met with accidents must worship this lingam to get cured by reciting sanesswara songs given by king dasaratha and thiruvanthathi given by karikal ammayar. 

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Dec 8, 2014

Importance of worshipping Kamakshi, Meenakshi, Vishalakshi amman on same day

In tamil, goddessess like Meenakshi, Kamakshi and Visalakshi in which the name ending with akshi will help anyone worshipping them to get blessings as sun rays through their eyes.Visiting and worshipping this three goddessess on the same day by reciting shaadshubanishad mantras will give immense  blessings so that people will see only good things in their life.

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Dec 1, 2014

Importance of chandigeswarar worship in siva temples

In all siva temples, chandigeswar worship is very important. When one goes near chandigeswarar temple he has to bend his body as chandigeswarar temple will be close to the main temple.While worshipping him, anyone will get yoga shakthi as it is built for that purpose along with blessings of chandigeswarar through his eyes.  

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Nov 24, 2014

Lakshmi pooja

Lakshmi pooja includes placing 12 lakshmi products  like lotus, vilvam, gold, nelli, cow ghee in a single lotus flower in front of photo of sri lakshmi and worshipping with nelli fruits.Then it should be converted in to pickles and it should be offered along with food for poor people.

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Nov 17, 2014

Importance of playing Koko game

Everyboody have played games like pondy, koko, five stones games as a small children.This games are taught in ancient days as are containing single leg yoga pose and double leg yoga pose.Five stone game gives good strength to eye sight and hands as eyes and hands are used in this game.This types of games when played on thuvathisi tithi will give good benefits regarding health as in ancient days these are played daily evening.

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Nov 12, 2014

Importance of Pooram star worship

People who had not got blessings from their parents during their marriage, who had ill treated their parents should worship on pooram star for making them to rest in peace in Thirivarankulam siva temple near pudukottai. They should also worship god and goddess starting with name as "karpaga" like karpaga vinayagar, karpaga valli, or karpagambigai amman by offering pachai karpooram for abhisegam in temples like thiruvalanjuli and thiruthangal along with sandal paste, javvathu. This will improve relationhips between parants and children.

aarathi should be taken atleast six times on pooram star in home and small female kids should do this ritual by completing it by pouring the finished aarathi in middle of kolam drawn before the house as it will bring good blessings of small dieties.

If aarathi is taken on pooram star which comes on friday it will remove poverty as it is called as "sukraboothi pooram".

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Nov 4, 2014

Worshipping cow for money problems

People who worship cow by touching at back side of it where sri mahalakshmi is residing  and coming around it three times in early morning will get remedy for money problems.Taking foot soil of a cow and putting it in new yellow cloth and keeping it poja room will protect the family from evil forces.This foot soil of cow will protect one from mrithyunjaya dosha if little bit of it is mixed with bathing water.

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Oct 27, 2014

Remedies for 9 types of puthira dosha by sage agasthiar

\Sage agasthiar had described 9 types of puthira dosha which can be identified as follows.

1.Not having a child even after sevral years after marriage.
2.Not having a male child.
3.Not having any happiness by children.
4.Children affected by diseases in early age.
5.Children who are born with disabilities.
6.Children who abscond parents in midway of their life.
7.Children who scold parents severely.
8.Children who kill parents for their happiness and wealth.
9.Children who die in their middle ages due to disease or accident.  

Sage agasthiar describes this happens due to noting wrong birth time during birth.If a family is not affected by puthira dosha, the children will be very disciplined, loyal to their parents caring them till their old age.

Sage agasthiar has described some temples for poor people who cannot afford costly parigarams along with methods of doing pargaram for puthira dosha.

 Offering 16 types of abhisegam on valarpirai wednesday for rajagopalaswamy here will remove puthira dosha.Couples can also do this type of pooja on their birth star.

Visiting this temple is very good for married couples as this temples is famous for safe guarding child in the mothers womb.

This anjaneyar temple is situated from salem at a distance of 45 kms.Offering butter, tulasi, thirumanjanam or vadamalai for lord hanuman here will remove puthira dosha.

This temple is situated in tirunelveli to thenkasi route near nadukallur. Here offering amirtha kalasa neivethiyam for pachai vanna perumal is a good remedy. This temple is a good parigara sthalam for "kalasarpa dosham".For childlessness, delayed marriage, lossess in business, for getting children with good health and discipline this temple is a good one.

This temple is near tirupathi.Doing milk abhisegam for pathala vinayagar and offering milk, coconut water abhisegam for amblal here will privide good remedy. 

Offering milk abhisegam for ragu during ragu kalam will provide good relief for puthira dosham.

Offering tulabaram or a small amount for lord krishna by post in guruvayur will  provide good health for children.

This temple is situated in a place called haripaadu in kerala.Visiting this temple directly will bring good remedies.

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Oct 25, 2014

Surya Namaskar - Vedic sun salutation

It is a complete Sadhana, inclusive of Yogasana , Mantra  , Pranayama ( breathing ) and Chakra meditation.

Surya Namaskar resonates the Pineal gland and DNA-- to speed up your chakras, and enlarge your aura.

The 12 Names of Surya - the Sun
1) Om Maitreya nam-ah (The friend of all)
2) Om Ravaye nam-ah (Praised by all)
3) Om Suryaya nam-ah (The guide of all)
4) Om Bhanave nam-ah (The bestower of beauty)
5) Om Khagaya nam-ah (Stimulator of the senses)
6) Om Pushne nam-ah (The nourisher of all)
7) Om Hiranyagarbhaya nam-ah (The creator)
8) Om Marichaye nam-ah (Destroyer of disease)
9) Om Adityaya nam-ah (The inspirer)
10) Om Savitre nam-ah (The purifier)
11) Om Arkaya nam-ah (The radiant)
12) Om Bhaskaraya nam-ah (The illuminator)

Pose 1 (and 12): Promotes balance, stimulates the respiratory system, exercises shoulder, back and neck muscles

Pose 2 (and 11): Promotes balance, promotes digestion, exercises arms and shoulder muscles, tones the spine, promotes flexibility in back and hips

Pose 3 (and 10): Promotes blood circulation, tones abdominal tracts, stretches back and leg muscles, stimulates spinal nerves, stimulates lymphatic system

Pose 4 (and 9): Exercises spine, strengthens hand and wrist muscles

Pose 5 (and 8): Stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the heart, strengthens wrist and arm muscles, relieves neck and shoulder tension

Pose 6: Strengthens leg and arm muscles, increases flexibility in neck and shoulders, stretches arms, shoulder, neck and back muscles, exercises back muscles, releases tension in neck and shoulder

Pose 7: Stimulates circulation to abdominal organs, tones digestive tract, stretches upper and lower body, promotes flexibility in the back, stimulates nerves in spine

Poses 8 through 12 are essentially repetitions of poses 5 through 1, respectively. The health benefits of each are similar to their corresponding poses.

During the second set, start off with the other leg.

Proforma: Posture / Asana / Chakra / Seed

First Posture – Namaskarasana/ Anahata/ OM hram

Second Posture – Parvatasana/ Vishuddhi/ OM hrim

Third Posture – Namaskara Hastapadasana/ Swadhistana/ OM hram

Fourth Posture – Ekapada Prasaranasana/ Ajna/ OM hraim

Fifth Posture – Bhudharasana/ Vishhuddi/ OM hraum

Sixth Posture – Ashthanga Pranipatasana/ Manipura/ OM hrah

Seventh Position – Bhujangasana/ Swadhistana/ OM hram

Eighth Posture – Bhudharasana/ Vishuddhi/ OM hrim

Ninth Posture – Ekapada Prasaranasana/ Ajna/ OM hrum

Tenth Posture – Namaskara Hastapadasana/ Swadhistana/ OM hraim

Eleventh Posture – Parvatasana/ Vishuddhi/ OM hraum

Twelfth Posture – Namaskarasana/ Anahata/ OM hrah.

Suryanamaskar is a chiropractic exercise, which keeps your spine flexible and aligned. This keeps you organic chemical medicine factory controlled by your brain in good cheer, without releasing those harmful anti-pain chemicals, which has side effects --caused by lower back pain , sciatica etc.

Chakras are focal points where psychic forces and bodily functions interact with each other. They are transceivers of SCALAR energy. Scalar waves operate in a non-linear time dimension which is hyperspace, at any speed from zero to infinity, as they are not limited to the speed of light. When you develop cosmic consciousness, the chakras vortex will extend further from his body. These chakras cannot be seen by the sight sense of the common man. Each of these 7 chakras are associated with a specific colour, organ, gland, mantra and frequency. Chakras can send out information carrying soliton waves, which do not attenuate. The Indian sage has exploded into a space of consciousness in which inner awareness is spontaneous. Cosmic consciousness is an intellectual enlightenment or illumination, an indescribable state of moral and intellectual elevation, a feeling of amazing bliss. Gazing at the sun or stars is an enlightening practice that fills up the soul. The real nervous system operates by means of synaptic messages. The virtual one operates by means of the quantum effect of tunneling (particles passing through an energy barrier that classically they should not be able to climb). The real one is driven by classical laws, the virtual one by quantum laws. Consciousness is therefore driven by quantum laws. Remember, chakras dictate all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual processes that take place in your body. Every chakra is a transmitter cum receiver antenna. As per Vedanta we are essentially holographic energy beings existing in a state of resonance with the scalar field of the cosmos.

Pineal gland is literally the third eye. The great Himalayan masters did Surya yog by gazing at the rising sun with a silver coin placed in between the eyebrows on the forehead . The solar wind at dawn, charging the earth’s magnetic field, stimulates the pineal gland. This is the best time to meditate , chant and sun gaze. At dawn, the negatively charged pineal and the positively charged pituitary combine their essences to create a "light in the head". Pranayama floods the Pineal gland with oxygen, to make it resonate. The reddish grey pineal gland is located in the geometric center of the brain. The nerves that serve the pineal gland don't originate in the brain but in the sympathetic nervous system. This gland can be activated by activated by sunlight, and also by sound resonance. It controls the various biorhythms of the body. It can discern negative energies, based on perception of vibrating energies around you. When the pineal gland does not receive sunlight, it secretes Melatonin, which induces sleep, increases blood sugar, craze for food, leading to obesity, fears and anxiety.The pineal gland is a photosensitive organ and thus an important timekeeper for the human body. The pineal gland produces PINOLINE, ( 6-methoxy-tetra-dydro-beta carboline, or 6-MeO-THBC ) . Pinoline also resonates with the very pulse of life 7.83 Hertz, the pulse the DNA uses to replicate, and which has been measured to be emitted from the brains and hands of all successful healers, regardless of belief or faith. Pinoline enables the threshold levels of DMT to become active in the brain . DMT with Pinoline increases brain activation multi fold.

Pineal activation awakens normally latent neural pathways. Nerve fibers leave the pineal and make synaptic connections with other brain sites through traditional nerve-to-nerve connections, not just through endocrine secretions. EASTERN VEDIC RISHIS MYSTICS HAD THE ABILITY TO GO ON EITHER SIDE OF THE NARROW BAND OF 5 HUMAN SENSES, WITH A KING SIZED RESONATING PINEAL GLAND. THEY COULD TRANSCEND THE SENSES AND LIMITATION OF SPACE-TIME.

A mantra is a word or a series of words , which produce longitudinal Scalar waves by resonating your Pineal gland and your DNA—in a divine language. A divine language like Sanskrit came out from a 12 strand DNA – the most complicated supercomputer on this planet. The king Mantra OM or AUM is 11000 years old—and was told by the sages that it was the original sound when the Cosmos was created. OM opens up quantum tunneling for the wormholes to happen , where the speed of light is NOT the limiting factor. DNA is a superconductor that stores light at body temperature, and can create magnetic wormholes in ZPF .. Microtubules and axional membranes are also hollow cylinders. Mantras are Scalar energy based sounds which resonate in the Zero Point Field Aakashik hyperspace.

Mantras resonate your pineal gland and reprogramme your DNA. The human DNA can produce longitudinal scalar waves. Mantras vibrations on DNA , chakras and pineal gland purifies and raises human consciousness. Mantras centres your mind ( effect on subconscious ) and slows down your breathing. Mantras increase your Auras as seen by Kirlean photography due to the effect on symphathetic and para sympathetic nervous systems.---Mantra chanting must be done with intent, to make it more powerful. This is about consciousness again.

Pranayama where you exhale twice as long as inhale IS MORE ABOUT DUMPING OLD EXPERIENCES, RATHER THAN MERE OXYGENATION OF BLOOD. Breathe in the new , breathe out the old. Pranayama inhale and exhale with awareness  long exhales with the sound of mmmm. Humming boosts level of nitric oxide—this in turn ups the oxygen intake by 98%, the biggest secret . Ordinary breath is a mere 4%. 70% of toxins in your body are released by exhalation rest by sweat, defecation and urine. The main purpose of respiration is to provide oxygen to the cells at a rate adequate to satisfy their metabolic needs. This involves transport of oxygen from the lung to the tissues by means of the circulation of blood. The power of breathing lies in its relationship with your energy source. The mind is intimately connected to your breathing. Deep breathing triggers the lymph, your body’s sewage system which will give your cells more efficiency. It keeps the blood fully oxygenated. The physical aspect of lack of oxygen in the body is not as important as the mental and spiritual aspect.

Lack of oxygen always slows your reaction time. The more oxygen our brains receive the better they function. Stress, fear and anxiety causes muscles to contract and blood vessels to constrict. When blood cannot be transported freely through the body to provide oxygen, and antibodies and to carry away and dispose toxic wastes, illness sets in. Mind is non material , but it works in partnership with communicator molecules. With every thought mind moves atoms of hydrogen, carbon , oxygen and other particles in the brain .
Knowing the connection between breath and consciousness, the ancient yogis devised PRANAYAMA to stabilise energy and consciousness. Anxiety vanishes entirely when you are one with the rest of the universe. When your mind is disturbed the fundamental energy Prana leaks . Pranayama just reverses the process. People who do Pranayama regularly have quieter nerves , less lethargy , better sleep and lower BP. It prevents accumulation of Uric acid which gives joint pains. Fluctuations of mind are controlled and hence Pranayama prepares you for meditation.

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Oct 20, 2014

Kagara sagasra namavali

Sani bharani siddhar had blessed crows on friday with rohini star kagara ganapathi mantra where it starts with the letter ka in tamil and contains 1008 verses about lord ganapathi.People who conduct kagara pooja in his home can see crows in hundreds as in ancient days this pooja was conducted for getting blessings of ancestors.This is a dharma called kagabala dharma.Providing food daily for crows and conducting kagabala dharma on saturdays will bring separated families together.

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Oct 13, 2014

Benefits of worshipping sri ram horoscope

Worshipping sri ram horoscope from small age will remove doshas which are not correctly predicted by astrologers.Sri ram horoscope and sita's horoscope have 108 matches as they are the only two which special horoscopes which matched in so many ways.

People who are in trouble of not getting perfect match for their son or daughter should worship sri kalyana veera ragava perumal by walk which is on the way of sri amirthambigai sametha sri avundeswarar in nemam near chennai. 
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Oct 6, 2014

Simple way of worship for getting own house

Every year natarajar abhisegam will come on 6 days. People who want to own a house or who want to change their house should worship utthirakosamagai natarajar who will be immersed in sandal wood paste for 364 days in a year on any one of this particular abhisegam days and should offer silver ornaments like kolusu for poor female kids on the same day.

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Sep 29, 2014

Different ways of protecting ancestor properties

Most of the people will get ancestor properties like land, home and other assets by lineage.This assets may contain good energies as well as bad energies as these are offered by Lord Sukkiran. People who have got ancsetor assets must visit velliyangiri, velleeswarar, velliyur, vadavelli temples on fridays by lighting coconut oil mixed with  illupai oil for removing bad energies.Vaasthu pooja should be conducted on tuesdays and 8 times in a year during vaasthu days. Food should be offered to poor by lighting fire in the ancestor home or land as it will protect punya shakthi of ancestors.People should also offer funds for repairing old temples, offering charities and helping poor in construction of a small house for them. 

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Sep 23, 2014

Speciality of Dindukkal Thaadikkombu bairavar temple

Thaadikombu perumal temple in Dindukkal rarely have a bairavar temple inside it.This bairavar temple has special energy of   pomegranate. During theipirai astami families having maraga dosha should worship lord bairavar for getting remedy from it.By offering 108 pomegranate as a garland to bairavar on theipirai astami and by offering rice, pomegranate to people on the same day one can get back the assets and money honestly which are pending for a long time.

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Sep 19, 2014

Speciality of koondalur jambugeswarar for curing hair problems

Koondalur jambugeswarar temple near kumbakonam is very special as image of romasa maharishi can be seen here for worship. Romasa maharishi had changed this  temple as aiswarya sthalam. People  who have money problems can offer coconut oil or sesame oil along with maruthani, karisalankanni, seeyakai with clothes for poor people from monday to friday and should worship on saturday after taking bath.

Ladies who have problems with their hair can worship here can follow the same method of worship to get remedy which is important for their marriage and life.

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Sep 15, 2014

Susaritha saraswathi and anuradha kramana saraswathi

Today's world is computer world and children use it for playing computer games for a long time causing brain cell damage  with severe side effects as brain is heated due to this. For curing it siddhars had advised to worship sucharitha saraswathi,  sri anuradha kramana saraswathi, gnana saraswathi, thimmana pillayar, sri kabaleeswarar, sri anjaneyar with bell in his tail during wednesdays, navami tithi and jyesta star by applying santhanam prepared by children themselves. Siddhars had advised people who are working in computer field to worship anuradha saraswathi as she is one of the manifestation of the saraswathi for computers.

Pennai river water is so cool as goddess saraswathi had done penance for transforming in to saraswathi river. Pasupathipalayam sundararaja perumal temple  in ayyampettai inthanjavur to  kumbakonam route, thirumalisai seethalanayagi temple, koondalur jambugeswarar temple are some temples for worshipping jyesta star. 

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Sep 9, 2014

Benefits of Navarathiri natarajar worship

Natarajar and sivakami ambigai engraved in stone can be found in temples like vadakurangaduthurai, udayalur, kookur.Worshipping this two with 64 types of abhisegams during navarathiri in guru hora will give good protection for women.  

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Sep 5, 2014

Flowers of worship - sage agasthiar

Sage agasthiar has prescribed particular flowers for offering to nine planets which governs the world for the use of people to get relief from problems in their life.

Sun - One should offer Senthamarai flower or light lamp using lotus petal on sundays for sun as it will give relief from eye problems and problems related to job.

Moon - One should offer alli flower in white colour or should make kumkum  archanai for moon on mondays as it will give relief from water related problems, remove obstacles while going for a foreign country and get relief from legal issues related to women.

Mars - One should offer senbagam flower for mars or for lord muruga on tuesdays as it will give relief from problems related to health, will give victory in competitions. 

Mercury - One should offer venkanthal flower for mercury on wednesdays for getting relief from court cases, skin problems, business losses. 

Guru : One should offer mullai flower for guru on thursdays as it will give a prosperous life.

Sukkiran : One should offer white lotus flower for venus on fridays as it will give good married life.

Saturn : One should offer karunkuvalai flower for saturn on saturdays as it will give a relief from problems caused by saturn.

Rahu : One should offer mantharai flower for rahu as it will give relief from various problems caused by rahu.

Ketu : One should offer sevvalli flower for ketu as it will give relief from problems caused by ketu.

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Sep 1, 2014

Pancha subra bavanam -Lighting lamps

Lighting lamps daily in home is a very essential one as good energies are increased promoting peace.Siddhars mark the length of time of the lamp as "deepa sudha bhudham" in a light year format.In some temples one can see old lamps which had been lighted for thousand hours or one lakh hours and they are worshipped as sumangali lamps according to their time of lighting and it is called as suvasini pooja.

During navarathiri in every house the lighted lamp should be bright atleast for 3 hours.The lamp which is gives light for 3 hours is called "subra deepam". Another type among this subra deepam which is lighted for 5 hours is called as "pancha subra bavanam"

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Aug 29, 2014

Benefits of Somavara amavasai pradhashinam

Lord krishna had given a boon to people such that whoever come to temples on somavara amavsai on monday and perform anga pradhakshina, adi pradakshina, nadai pradakashna (step by step walking) and offer 32 types of dhana dharma will get blessings of sun and moon as both these sun and moon also come along with them as ordered by lord krishna.

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Aug 25, 2014

Bothayana amavasai

In epic mahabharatha, lord krishna offered tharpanam by bringing sun and moon together to his place before one day of amavasai and it is called bothayana amavasai where sathurthasi and amavasai appear in the same day. By doing it he made the words of sagadeva that whoever starts war during amavasai will win it paving way for the victory of panadavas.Bothayana amavasai is offered to the world by lord sri krishna and offering tharpanam in sri vanchiyam,thiruvayaru, thiruvidaimaruthur, thirunedungalam and kanchathu malai will solve problems between parents and children.

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Aug 22, 2014

Benefits of offering kitchen utensils to temples

Every planet represent a metal.Offering kitchen utensils, small bells  even if it is a small vessel freely for any temple every year will remove problems between children and parents as it may cause problems in lineage which will extend to future generations. It will be better to offer kitchen utensils on saturday.

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Aug 18, 2014

Lotus fibre lingam

Ancestors have quoted that doing dharma in a simple way every day will save you in difficult times even if you give a used cloth of yours which was not fit by properly washing it and  offering it to people who cannot even afford clothes.This will save poorva punya and for not wasting this purva punya in unnecessary ways one has to follow kabala chandra pudam fasting during the days where moon is in  kadaga rasi in a month. Worshipping lotus fibre lingam in temples which has lord siva's name like chandra mouleeswarar, chandra sekarar should be followed on this day.

 Lotus fibre lingam can be worshipped in perumagalur in the route of peravurani-perumagalur-meemechal route during moon's entry of kadga rasi where  kadagam is the zodiac house of  moon. Reciting Abirami anthathi  will do more good on this day.

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Aug 15, 2014

Speciality of Parrot in meenakshi temple

In madurai meenakshi temple, Goddess meenakshi has parrot on her right shoulder.In kanchanagaram near mayiladuthurai thungasthanambigai amman has parrot on her left shoulder.According to sages parrot is a bird containing a specific form of vedas as people who want good knowledge in vedas can worship here on wednesday,  navami and karthigai star. 

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Aug 12, 2014

Mahalayapaksham and marutham tree

Mahalaya amavasai is one of the important days for giving tharpanam to ancestors for any human being.On this day pithrus and ancestors worship in three main temples where marutham tree is present.Marutham tre is called arjuna tree as it has maharudra shakthi where arjuna had learned about permanent peace under god.First one is sree sailam(mallikarjunar).Second one is thiruvidaimaruthur.Third one is  thirupudaimaruthur situated in thirunelveli - veervanallur-thenkasi route at a distance of 10 kms from veeravanallur.

People who worship this three temples on the same day  by giving tharpanam, thivasam,dhanam,dharmam during mahalaya amavasai will get relief from biggest problems hanging above their head as knife.

For ancestors there are special temples like rameshvaram, thiruvidaimaruthur, poovalur, thilithaipathi, nedungudi, kuruvi rameshvaram, manmelkudi, kodikarai which gives mukthi for them.

More information about three marutham temples in tamil is here.

More infor about pithru tharpanam is here

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Aug 8, 2014

Relation of Lotus and food

Lotus flower has yoga shakthi called "samagama yoga shakthi" as it can be used for eating food from top or bottom as it had the power to remove food related doshas called "anna dwesham". Diabetes is caused by anna dwesham.For getting relief from diabetes one has to provide honey, palpayasam with jack fruit in temples having names of god and goddess like mathura nayagi, madurambal, maduvaneswarar during a time called " marana yoga" as it has the capacity to cure the  dead cells.

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Aug 4, 2014

Speciality of Varahi in brahadeeswarar temple

Lord siva is called as Brahadeeswarar in tanjore temple as the word brahat indicates the cosmic world and as he is the one providing the energy for survival through plants in this earth.Varahi ambigai blesses this energy as she is the one who is responsible for it.She is the ambigai to be worshipped before starting any new venture as she had blessed karuvur siddhar with knowledge. 

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Aug 1, 2014

Relation of Saturn with truth

Navagraga saturn is called saneeswarar as he is the one who gives good and bad events in his transits to people according to their karma.According to sages, like every human being who gets good or bad events every country has karma.Navagraga Saturn worships in siva temples during "kari naal"  of every month in sathyaloga to uphold truth in earth.Maha rishis belonging to sathya logam conduct special pooja by doing honey abhisegam for sivalingam on this day. In earth  sathya sakthi temples are having names like sathyapureeswarar, sathyagreeswarar, sathyamangalam, sakthi mutram which indicate by their name itself. During this "kari naal" people who want to reduce this bad karma and who want to be truthful by not telling lies should offer  their pooja in sathya sakthi temples to navagraga saturn and lord siva by offering sesame garland made of sesame seeds in round shape. 

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Jul 28, 2014

Speciality of Aavani moolam

According to sages Gayathri mantra is recited every day three times by human beings and people who cannot afford to do it can do it atleast every month from moolam star to avittam star by obseving fasting by having only one time food on those five days which will provide blessings from planet saturn who are affected by it during its transit according to their birth charts.During  those days one has to avoid sweets, salt and other ingredients.If it is not possible, observing it atleast in the month of aavani will bring blessings from saturn as this five days are equal to half naligai as saturn affect people on this five days only instead of a year who worship him with more devotion.On this aavani moolam day malaikottai girivalam is special for people who are thinking of unnecessary punishments in office or in home as it will bring much relief.

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Jul 25, 2014

Kadabayathi suthra

Pandavas mother kunthi devi has got a boon from sage durvasa maharishi for her service. Sage durvasa maharishi had taught kunthi devi several mantras and one among them is kadabayathi suthra by worshipping astabhuja durgai on astami tithi.One of the simple drop of kadabayathi suthra is today's numerology.

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Jul 21, 2014

Scientific truth of fasting on shasti

Married Couples  generally fast on shasti tithi for getting a child.Scientifically minimum temperature has to be maintained by a human body for living.But in this fast paced world it is not possible.This energy called as agni shakthi is provided by doing pooja on tuesdays, shasti, karthigai and pooram star which helps in keeping the body healthy.  

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Jul 18, 2014

Worshipping vinayagar on chathurthi

Worshipping lord vinayagar who is in sitting posture, standing posture, dancing posture, sleeping posture with garlands made of 4 types of flowers from water, land, tree and flower plant spreading on a tree with 4 types of sweets will help in removing obstacles in all good things which are undertaken by people.

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Jul 14, 2014

Speciality of Magamagam pond

Magamagam pond is a special pond as 12 years once grand festival is conducted during tamil month of Maasi.Coming round magamagam pond 16 times on a pournami day and worshipping in 16 mandapams around it will remove the obstacles caused by pithru dosha which cause delay in marriage and will bring ancestors blessings along with blessings of lord Varuna.  

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Jul 11, 2014

Anjaneyar and use of Kalanchanam

In tamil, anjanam is a black colour paste prepared by combining eight types of thailam like sesame oil, maruthani oil, karisalankanni oil,ponnanganni oil which are very useful in safeguarding eyes from eye problems and when this paste is applied in beetel leaf and worshipped by keeping it before anjaneyar it will be called as kalanchanam and it protects children when applied as thirusti pottu. 

Jul 7, 2014

Flowers of worship during different mahadasas

Garland should be made of this list of flowers while doing worship.

For kuladeivam -  roja flowers
For jeeva sanathi - Jasmine flowers
For vinayagar - Arugambul
For muruga - Marikolunthu flower
For murugan with sri valli and thivanai -  combination of different flowers with different colours
For saptha kanni -  combination of different flowers with different colours
For ambal - roja flowers or sevvarali flowers
For sivalingam - roja flowers or jasmine flowers
For thanvanthiri - marikolunthu flowers
For lakshmi narasimmar - Jasmine flowers
For vishnu durgai - sevvarali flowers
For vishnu - thulasi
For hayagreevar - thulasi
For mariyamman - 108 lemon tied in a single thread
For bairavar - Roja flowers


For sun - Lotus flower
For moon - Lotus flower or Jasmine flower
For mars - Sevvarali flowers
For ragu - arugampul
For mercury - marikolunthu flower
For venus - Jasmine flower
For ketu - arugampul
For saturn - vaadamalli flower


Sun mahadasa - worship sri swarnagarshana bairavar
Moon mahadasa - worship amman with calm nature
Moon with combination of malefic planets - worship amman like kali
Mars mahadasa - worship lord muruga on shasti
Ragu mahadasa - worship in samayapuram, nagerkovil, kalahasthi, thirunageswaram
Guru mahadasa - worship in siddhar jeeva samadhi
Saturn mahadasa - worship sri kalabairavar
Ketu mahadasa - worship vinayagar on theipirai sathurthi
Venus mahadasa - worship in thirukovilur temple

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Jul 3, 2014

Karumkulam Perumal Temple - A navagraga family worship

Karumkulam Perumal temple is situated in thirunelveli district and below the hill  in a siva temple navagraga worship is very special as it is the place where navagraga planets along with their wives blessed people for the first time since the origination of the world according to siddhars. People can visit this temple  as navagraga planets have given a boon to remove obstacles in marriage life for people who visit this temple or pray within their place by sending a small amount for pooja for their prayers. 

Contact address:
S.Meenakshi sundara pattar,
Sri mahadeva marthandeswarar temple,
Tirunelveli district-628615

cell: 9488619703
home: 04630-264077

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