Jul 31, 2013

Ways of Controlling Diabetes -1

  1. One should give sugarcane to elephant in temples as it will give pithru blessings that will help to prosper continuation of one's generation and diabetes will be controlled if it is found in one's family.
  2. Visiting sri vaithyanatha swamy on tuesdays and sri dhanvathiri murthy on saturdays from childhood will prevent diabetes and will provide remedy from diabetes if affected.
  3. Doing honey abhisegam for thirukarkudi arunthavanayagi which is near kumbakonam, thiruvisai nallur will control diabetes.
  4. Distributing sweets to children freely which cannot be taken by a diabetes affected person  will control diabetes.

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Jul 29, 2013

Subramaniaswami temple - Agnijatha murthi

In hill temples, water for abhisega will be pumped from ground through electric motors.But in a placecalled chennimalai near erode where lord murugan temple is situated thirumanjana water which is for pooja was carried by bullock carts till this day.


In this hill temple, lord muruga can be worshipped with two heads.Lord muruga had worshipped him himself.A small amount of coin was presented to arunagirinathar by lord muruga himself here.Near amman temple punnakku siddhar cave can be found here. Saravanama muni samadhi can also be found here.Kandha sashti kavasam, a tamil song which has scientific value was played here.   

Devotees who have blood pressure, asthma and problems related  with heart come here regularly as this place have so many medicinal plants naturally bringing relief to everyone.   

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Jul 26, 2013

Vetri velayutha swamy temple - Mayuragiri siddhar samadhi

Lord muruga with sri valli, theivanai and vel represents iccha shakthi, kriya sakthi and gnana sakthi.Lord muruga can be seen with vel only in some temples representing he had achieved gnana sakthi without the other two.A temple in a place called kathitha malai near oothukuli have this type of lord murugan in separate temple.


Mayuragiri siddhar samadhi is here in south east direction of the temple as snake temple.People who are having problems in birth of a child and separated couples worship lord muruga for their wellness.milk abhisegam with new clothes is offered to lord muruga after fulfillment of wishes.This temple is worshipped by sage agasthiar according to sthala puranam. There is  a water source above the hill near the temple which offers water at all times.

This temple is situated at oothukuli at a distance of 15 kms from thiruppur on the way to erode.

Jul 24, 2013

Benefits of Lamp Pooja

Lighting lamps in numbers of 108, 1008 on fridays and auspicious days like full moon day or amavasai day in temples provide good benefits for the worshipper as it is equal to yagna.

Benefits of doing lamp pooja on full moon or amavasai day of every tamil month is listed here
  • Lamp pooja on chithirai pournami or amavasai will give abundance of all species of food grains
  • Lamp pooja on vaigasi pournami or amavasai will give money
  • Lamp pooja on aani pournami or amavasai will remove obstacles in marriage
  • Lamp pooja on aadi pournami or amavasai will extend  one's life period
  • Lamp pooja on aavani pournami or amavasai will give children
  • Lamp pooja on purataasi pournami or amavasai will increase number of cows in house
  • Lamp pooja on aippasi pournami or amavasai will remove all diseases
  • Lamp pooja on karthigai pournami or amavasai will provide mukthi
  • Lamp pooja on margali pournami or amavasai will provide good health
  • Lamp pooja on thai pournami or amavasai will provide victory
  • Lamp pooja on maasi pournami or amavasai  will remove all sorrows
  • Lamp pooja on panguni pournami or amavasai will give thinking  on the way of dharma 
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Jul 22, 2013

Dhandayuthapani temple - dindukkal

People who were so enthusiastic to worship palani murugan cannot visit palani everyday.Some people in dindukkal who are devotees of palani murugan had built a temple in dindukkal which is having lord muruga installed as in palani.


Lord vinayagar is called as jeyam konda vinayagar.arugampul grass is offered by devotees to lord vinayaga. People who are having sevvai dosha come here on tuesdays and pray to lord muruga for reducing ill effects.
After marriage people come here as couples and offer sugar rice for lord murugan.

This temple is situated in R.V.Nagar of dindukkal near kottai mariamman temple in dindukkal.

Jul 19, 2013

Subramaniaswamy temple - Thirumalaikeni

One can see two temples which are near by having same god installed rarely.One such temple is in a place called thirumalaikeni in dindukkal district.This temple is called "keel palani".


This murugan temple is built in such a way that devotees have to go down to worship lord Muruga. Maunaguru swamigal athistanam is situated near by this temple.Milk abhsegam, santhana kappu, vipoothi abhisegam are conducted by devotees as people who want higher position in office pray to lord murugan who is always in raja alangaram.

This temple is situated at a distance of 23 kms from dindukkal.

Jul 17, 2013

Benefits of worshipping cow

Benefits of worshipping cow and providing food for cows are listed here

  • On monday giving grass, food, agathi keerai, banana to cow will remove mathru, pithru dosha
  • On tuesday giving water and food to cow will provide good house and land
  • On wednesday giving food  to cow will give good job.
  • On thursday giving rice kanchi food to cow will give purva jenma  dosha 
  • On friday doing cow pooja will give blessings of sri mahalakshmi
  • On saturday giving grass and agathi keerai to cow will remove poverty
  • On  sunday giving food to cow will give good eye sight.
  • On ashtami worshipping cow by coming around 1 time and giving food will bring back money given to others
  • On thuvathisi worshipping cow and giving food will provide punya of annathanam to 1000 people

for more details visit  http://rightmantra.com/?p=4878

For more details about removing  pithru dosha please visit


Jul 15, 2013

Balamurugan temple - Thandikudi

People who had planned to visit palani, famous murugan temple in dindukkal district has another place to worship to get the blessings of palani murugan  fully.The place is thandikudi balamurugan temple.


This is the place where lord murugan temple is established by sri pandri malai swamigal who is a siddhar.Lord muruga's foot steps, peacock with snake in its mouth can be seen even now here.A small pond where water is always present in the hill where the temple is situated is available.Soil near the temple is given as vibuthi prasadam here.

This temple is situated at a distance of 45 kms from vathalakundu which is the way to periyakulam.

Jul 12, 2013

Dhandayuthapani temple - Palani

Boghar is a siddhar among 18 important siddhars. Lord murugan made of navabashana was installed  by bogar himself .This is the 3rd house among 6 houses of lord murugan.


Thiruannamalai girivalam is very bebeficial to all.Like that girivalam of palani temple gives so much bebefits.Siddhar bogars samathi can be seen inside the templesouth west side of the temple.Two vinayagars one in idumban temple and another at the base of the temple are famous.During tamil month of aipassi, annabhisegam is conducted here as it is a special one.because only in siva temples annabhisegam is conducted. First pooja is conducted for idumban here.Sage Agasthiar temple is in idumban temple.Palani panchamirtham is world famous. 

This temple is situated at a distance of 56 km from dindukal and is well connected by buses and trains from all over tamilnadu.

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Jul 9, 2013

Siva subramanya swamy temple - Dharmapuri

Some temples are built over siddhar samadhi so that powerful vibrations with positive energy are consistently  produced that cure people's inner and outer problems of body and mind.One such temple is in dharmapuri in a place called kumarasamy pettai.


Murugan temple is constructed above siddhar samadhi that gives very beneficial results for people who worship lord murugan here.People pray for solving marriage related problems and problems in birth of a child.Curd abhsegam, panner abhsegam, coconut lamps are offered by devotees after fulfillment of problems.

This temple is situated at a distance of 1 km from dharmapuri busstand at kumarasamipettai.

Jul 8, 2013

Muthukumaraswamy Temple - Parangipettai

Lord murugan with 6 faces is very special as 5 faces of murugan is in front side and 1 face of murugan in back side.This six faced murugan can be seen in parangipettai in cuddalore district.


Honey which is used for abhisegam during krittigai star for chathrusamhara trisithi pooja with separate food and garlands for each six faces was given as prasadam here.During first sunday of tamil month of karthigai, 108 sangabhisegam is conducted .Lord siva  and amman visalatchi were  worshipped for getting back lost job and lost materials.New clothes and sugar rice are offered to siva and amman.Bairavar worhip is conducted on amavasai. Nagaraja here is worshipped for naga dosha and kalathira dosha.

This is the temple where babaji's father worshipped as preiest. Babaji's temple can be seen in near by place which is the origination place of Babaji.

Jul 5, 2013

Vetrivel Murugan temple - Cuddalore

In some temples, prasadam which consists of medicinal herbs will be distributed for after  pooja. In a murugan temple near cuddalre in c.manampatti, pepper rice is given as prasadam for devotees for curing illness.


Betel leaf and water which is offered to lord murugan in pooja is given to devotees who are having problems in marriage  near the entrance of the temple.Devotees are asked to wash their face with the given betel leaf and are asked to worship lord murugan. This worship is called as "vetrilai valibadu" in tamil.

Three lemon and turmeric are offered for lord murugan for pooja by childless couples.After pooja, lemon and turmeric are returned to them.Couples have to make lemon juice and should drink it.Turmeric was then used by childless women among couples during bath.This is a ritual followed here.

From chidambaram, buses which go to mudasalodai  go through this temple.

Jul 3, 2013

Thiruvathirai Amavasai - For separated couples

Lord siva's star is thiruvathirai. In 2013 thiruvathirai star occurs in a amavasa in tamil month of aani on 7.7.2013 sunday. Separated couples who want to unite can visit near by siva temple on this day and should offer abhisegam to lord siva. They have to chant omsivasivaom mantra during abhisegam.After that they have to make archanai in both of their names and star and has to offer Rs.108  as guru dhakshina to temple priest.Separated couples have to continue this for  6 months.One should eat strictly vegetarian food only.Before 7th amavasai, separated couples will be united.

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Jul 1, 2013

Sivasubramanya swamy temple - Velkottam

In some temples, especially in murugam temples  "Vel" which is the weapon of Lord Muruga was given importance.One such place is in cuddalore district in puduvandipalayam.


Lord Muruga's weapon is in a separate place and is called as "Vel Kottam". On sundays, krittigai star and poosam star, special worship rituals are conducted and devotees pray here for getting removal of diseases.Lord muruga is here with sri valli and deivanai.

On the way to a place to caper from cuddalore, the temple is situated at a distance of 1 km.


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