Jun 3, 2013

Kantha Swamy Temple - Kanthakottam

Lord muruga who is called in different names like karthikeyan,kanthan, kanthaswamy represent planet mars can be worshipped in some hill places as a suyambu.In some places his devotees had built temples as ordered by him.One such place is in chennai, kumarakottam called as kanthaswamy Temple.


Komatha pooja is special in this murugan temple.People offer fruits, green vegetables for getting relief from diseases and for iswaryam. Vellam, a sweet made of sugarcane is poured and mixed with water in saravanapoigai pond here for getting relief from tumours and skin problems.On tuesdays, special panneer abhisegam is conducted. Arugampul flowers are offered to lord vinayaga here for  solving family problems.

This temple is situated near chennai central railway station at a five minute distance near parris corner.   

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