May 8, 2013

Vadapathrasai Andal Temple - Sri villiputhur special

Sri villiputhur is special for a sweet called paalkova. sri villiputhur is the birth place of andal where vadapthrasai temple is situated.Andal is called as Kothainachi. Lord perumal can be seen in shirt and pant costume and it is a rare dharshan for devotees.Temples of perumal, andal and garudalwar is in the form of OM mantra and it is another speciality.   


Women pray to sri andal as she is famous for "thirupavai" and "nachiyar thirumozhli" which is a compilation of songs about perumal as women recite them for getting a good married life.

Tamilnadu government symbol in none other than sri villiputhur gopuram.During tamil month of karthigai, 108 blamkets are offered for perumal, andal and garudalwar.

Daily a parrot made of leaves is offered to andal.People who want female children with good knowledge pray to sri andal and perumal. 

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