Apr 29, 2013

Kirubasamudra Perumal Temple - Sala sayana Perumal

Rarely temples among 108 divya desams face south.Thiruchirupuliyur and sri rangam are the only 2 temples having this speciality.Both have another thing in common as Lord perumal in srirangam can be seen as a small boy in tiruchirupuliyur.In both places perumal can be worshipped in a way such that he is in bed of adhiseshan in a posture of taking rest.


People pray for Child  boon and women pray for stability and longevity of life which is called as Mangalya Balam in Tamil.As lord perumal can be seen as a child here, people pray for children having Balarishta dosham and Kalasarpha dosham as Adhiseshan can be found in a separate temple here.  

This temple can be reached by travelling from Mayiladuthurai to Peralam route and have to get down at kollumangudi bus stop.From there one has to travel 3 kms further to reach this temple.

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