Mar 18, 2013

Veera Ragava Swami - For curing all diseases

Some temple ponds are said to be having more punya than ganges river.In south india in thiruvallur district, a temple called veera ragava perumal temple is situated which is having the special pond called hirudhabhathani  which is so ancient as its water is better than ganges water.


During amavasai people come here and pray to lord veera ragava perumal to cure all types of diseases.One has to come and pray here to three amavasai days to get the diseases cured.Devotees offer special cloth for lord perumal which is available only in temple office. 9 feet sari is offered to amman kanagavalli after fulfillment of wishes.

People offer salt, pepper,milk after getting cured from body tumours that occur anywhere in the body.The temple is situated in middle of the town thiruvallur and buses are available from chennai, kanchipuram and thiruvallur.

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