Feb 8, 2013

Aaathi Jaganathar Temple - Three prayers at one place

Some temples have more than one reason for celebration as sri rama can be seen rarely in perumal temples.But in aathi jaganathar temple, sri rama can be seen in the form of sleeping which cannot be seen in any other place.


Arasu tree here is special as it is viewed by devotees for centuries as mahavishnu's avatar.People who want a child pray to aathi jaganathar here.People take a holy dip in sethu theertham to remove ancestor's curse.Unmarried couples pray to lord aathi jaganathar who is also called as kalyana jaganathar and amman kalyanavalli as this temple is so special for praying for marriage as temple structure is also called kalyana vimanam.

Childless couples take a holy dip on sethu and offer water abhisegam on the first day and stay there itself.On the second day after taking bath, childless couples offer nagaprathista (installation of nagar statues) and puthirakamesti yagam and take palpayasam as prasadam.

Here Lord rama can be seen as aathi jaganathar, sayana ramar,pattabi ramar and arasa mara perumal.
Lord narasimmar can be seen with sridevi and poodevi as it is a special one.

 From this temple at 4 km distance sethukarai is there and pithrutharpanam is done for ancestors blessings.The temple is situated at a distance of 10 kms from ramanathapuram.

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