Dec 30, 2013

Subramaniyar temple - Kovanur

Sage agasthiar had brought several medicinal herbs with the help of sage bogar who is well versed in siddha medicine.There is a temple in kovanur where siddha medicinal practitioners worship lord muruga for giving the right medicine for patients.


Lord muruga is with sri valli and deivanai here.People who intake siddha medicines and doctors in siddha worhip lord muruga here.Lord muruga here  looks like tiruchendur murugan.During tamil month of chithirai full moon day, during tamil month of thai on pusam star, during magam star in the month of maasi, and uthiram star of panguni month siddhars arrive here before 6 am to collect medicinal  water here.

This temple is situated in the south direction from pillur.Pillur is on the way of sivagangai to madurai at a distance of 7 kms.  

Dec 27, 2013

Special temple for people working in Computers

A temple named nayiru (ஞாயிறு ) is situated near chennai.This temple provides good relief for people who had lost their father, people who are working in computers, people who are affected by eye problems from generation to generation and father's ancestors.   

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Dec 25, 2013

Speciality of Saturn Pradosham

Saturn prodosha is a very important day for worshipping Lord Siva as it provides purva punya  worth of  worshipping lord siva for 5 years. Saturn pradosham provides Theerka Dashana shakthi, Long life, Good knowledge to one's mind and body. Cow worship, donation of lemon rice provides beneficial results on saturn pradosha day.

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Dec 23, 2013

Balamurugan temple - Kanchamalai

A murugan temple situated in a place called kanchamalai is special as lord muruga here is in child form.The word kancham means gold, iron and flower.


Lord muruga here is very special for children as he cures 15 types of diseases which affect them. People who are in gold business, iron business and flower business worship lord muruga for business welfare.During krittigai, full moon and shasti, people offer special prayers by offering milk abhisegam for removing problems in marriage and finance.

This temple is situated at a distance of 19 kms from salem on the way to a place called ilampillai.Buses are available from salem.

Dec 20, 2013

Pamban swamigal song for removing kalasarpa dosha

The above picture shown is thuvitha naga bantham written by sri pamban swamigal.This song is used to cure ragu, ketu dosha and kalasarpha dosha. should stop eating non vegetarian food permanently before starting this procedure.
2.Print the above picture and keep it pooja room.
3.One may start reading this song on aswini, magma, moolam, thiruvathirai, swathi and moolam stars.
4.One may start on Tuesday, karthigai or visagam star or shasti tithi in a murugan temple. has to recite the song first in murugan temples for 27 times.
6.After that one has to recitethe song 27 times dailyin home.
7..Before starting to recite the song one has to light two lamps containing castor  oil, mahua  oil, ghee, coconut oil, Sesame oil. The thread should be made of  banana tree middle truk and cotton. Two threads should be used daily while lighting lamps. Two lamps should be lighted in this way.

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Dec 18, 2013

Balasubramanyar temple - Seelanayakanpatti

Lord muruga and sage sri agasthiar has divine relations like a guru-disciple relationship  as lord muruga had teached several divine things to the great sage.A temple of lord muruga in salem town is very famous as sage agasthiar had written tamil vocabulary called agathiyam.


Sri chakra devi with yantras can be worshipped here which is near sage agasthiar statue. Sadasivam who is above lord siva, lord vishnu and lord bramma can be worshipped here. Several siddhars had lved here in ancient times as it is mentioned in papanasa puranam. Adisakthi Balathiripurasundari who is above sadasivam can be worshipped here. People worship lord muruga for good business.  

This temple is situated near seelanayakkanpatti bypass at a distance of 4 kms from salem.

Dec 16, 2013


Lord Dattathreyar could be found in temples so rarely and in a murugan temple near salem, one can found sri  dattathreyar as guru.Navagraga temples can be found near murugan with their wives here.


Lord muruga and sri ambal can be found in opposite temples facing each other.No other temple is situate like this.Around lord muruga, nine planets with their wives and coming around lord muruga will help devotees in removing nava graga dosha. Swarna agarshana bairavar and sankatahara ganapathy are the other deities who are special here.

This temple is situated at a distance of 2 kms from udayapatti near salem.One can reach udayapatti through buses from salem.

Dec 14, 2013

Indication of immediate kuladeiva worship

If anyone who meets with blood related accident it is a indication of carelessness in pithru tharpanam and  kuladeiva worship.One should immediately  conduct pithru tharpanam for ancestors and  kuladeiva worship for one week.

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Dec 13, 2013

Getting protection from natural disasters

People who want to get protected from natural disasters should take bath in kumbakonam magamagam pond, touching head with magamagam pond water, doing tharpana pooja near the magamagam pond, offering food near magamagam pond on Magam star.

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Dec 11, 2013

Balasubramaniyar temple - Vadachennimalai

Rarely lord muruga can be seen as a child, family man and saint in a single temple.One such temple is situated in a place called vadachennimalai in salem district.


Lord muruga can be worshipped as a child, as a family man with sri valli and deivanai and as a saint form called dandayuthapani in a single temple here.These forms of lord muruga are suyambu which had originated themselves.People go girivalam on full moon day for removing bad effects of karma.People who want to own a house pray near avvayar statue on the foot steps by placing a stone near the statue.New clothes and abhisegam are offered after fulfillment of wishes.

This temple is situated at a distance of 12 kms from attur on the way to kallakuruchi and one has to get down at kattukottai bus stop to reach this temple.  

Dec 9, 2013

Dandayuthapani temple - Kumaragiri

Lord muruga had taken rest in a place in salem district before settling in palani.This place is called kumaragiri and lord muruga had blessed this city of salem to be famous for mangoes.


People who met with accidents and their relatives come here and worship lord muruga by offering an archanai called "tirisathai archani" to get cured. A flower called virichi along with paneer and sandal paste was offered to lord muruga here.People offer mango for lord muruga for getting a child and for removing obstacles in a marriage. Lord muruga here is north faced in kubera direction as people worship him for getting much needed money for running their life.

Buses going to sanyasikundu from salem old bus stand go through this temple.

Dec 7, 2013

Benefits of worshipping Anjaneyar on Wednesdays

People who worship lord Anjaneyar on wednesdays by offering 108 betel leaf garland will protect family and children  from problems caused by ancestor's enmity. 

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Dec 6, 2013

Valividum murugan temple - Ramanathapuram

Usually in a temple main deity can be seen separately in main temple.Rarely in a temple in ramanathapuram lord vinayaga and lord muruga can be worshipped in a single temple.


People who want to get justice in court problems come here and worship lord murugan and lord vinayagar for resolving the dispute peacefully.A tree called saya maram was worshipped as saturn's mother here.After fulfilment of wishes, devotees offer abhisegam and new clothes for lord muruga and lord vinayaga.

This temple is situated in ramanathapuram district in ramanathapuram.Swaminatha swamy temple is near this temple.

Dec 4, 2013

Simple way of worship to own a house

Every Tuesday is considered to be a day related to Vaasthu. Vaasthu is a science of building any home or building with a balanced energy. People who want to remove any ill effects related to land, shop or building should worship Lord subramanya during sevvai hora on tuesday's by offering sevvarali garlands which are personally decorated by the worshipper himself.One should offer red coloured food items for the poor on tuesdays. This type of pooja will provide the way for owning a new house.

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Dec 2, 2013

Pamban swamigal song for removing pithru dosha

Pamban swamigal had blessed a song called Thiruviramechuram for removing pithru dosha.

1.One should stop eating non vegetarian food permanently before starting this procedure.
2.One should start reciting thiruviramechuram song in murugan temple on Tuesdays, krithigai star, visagam star, shasti tithi, amavasai tithi.
3.After that one has to come to house and should recite 8 times.
4.After that one has to recite it in house daily 1 time.Before starting to recite the song , one should light lamp consisting castor  oil, mahua  oil, ghee, coconut oil, Sesame oil. The thread should be made of  banana tree middle truk and cotton.Two threads should be made as one and should be used daily while lighting lamps.Two lamps should be lighted daily.
5.During amavasai days, cows should be offered agasthi keerai, banana, rice and vellam and sesame rice.

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Nov 30, 2013

Benefits of Namaskara pradakshinam

Men who do prayer by doing namaskaram where all parts of body touches the soil get more benefits.This benefit will multiply when pradakshinam by doing namaskaram is offered in pragarams in temples like thiruannamalai, thiruvidai marudur,  and thirukailayam. People who go girivalam by offering namaskara pradakshinam will reduce karma by crores of times.This will bring good health and richness for the family.  

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Nov 29, 2013

Virutcha pooja for good future of children

During astamai tithi, worshipping lord kala bairavar first and offering virutcha pooja by offering siduram to 8 trees like vilvam, kondrai and purasu trees  will bring prosperity in childrens life.

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Nov 27, 2013

Swaminatha swamy temple - Ramanathapuram

Lord muruga can be seen with six faces and 12 hands in some temples.Rarely in a temple in ramanathapuram 11 faces and 22 hands.


Lord muruga here can be worshipped in 11 faces here and is a very rare sight.People who are affected with mental illness are brought here as special worship was offered for getting a remedy.After fulfilment of wishes, special abhisegam with new clothes are offered by devotees.Special pooja is conducted for durgai here during navarathiri.Ambigai was worshipped in the form of sagambari during tamil month of thai during pongal.Surasamharam festival is conducted in a big way next to tiruchendur.

The temple is situated in ramanathapuram town.

Nov 25, 2013

Baladandauthapani temple - Tapasu malai

Rarely in temples like vaitheeswaran kovil, ancient herbal prasadam is given for devotees after pooja. In a  muruga temple in pudukottai district, herb for curing diabetes is given as prasadam.


Lord muruga in tapasu malai is very special as people pray here to get remedy from diabetes. Prasadam  mixed with ancient herb is given to devotees after pooja. People also pray for ulcer, fits problems. Women observe fasting on kanda sasti for removing marriage problems, for naga dosha and problems in birth of a child.New naga idols and ghee lamps are offered after fulfillment of wishes. People pray to lord sornagarchana bairavar here for removing financial problems by writing it in a paper and submitting it to lord bairavar. Ancient cave temple where rishis had prayed to lord muruga can found in the downside of the hill.

This temple is situated in a place called tapasu malai.One has to travel to a place called lenavilaku on pudukottai to thirmayam road.From there one has to travel on viralichilai road to reach the temple.

Nov 23, 2013

Remedy for living as a joint family

People in this period are facing difficulties in living as a joint family due to various reasons which mainly include job locations which are faraway from their homeland.Even a husband and wife are living in separate locations due to job.Those who want to get a job and live with the family in same location should  pray and offer pooja to sri kala bairavar in astami tithi

Nov 22, 2013

Aranavalli ambigai - For dancers

People who want to excel in dance can worship sevalur sri aranavalli ambigai in sri boomiathar temple situated in pudukottai district near kulithurai. Aranavalli ambigai is also worshipped to get rid from natural disasters like earthquakes.

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Nov 20, 2013

Baladhandayuthapani temple - Kumaramalai

Lord muruga provides relief in many ways as in a place called kumaramalai, during a ritual called valaikappu for pregnant women, married women offer bangles to lord murugan's "vel" for easy delivery of children.


People mainly affected by paralysis pray to lord muruga for remedy.People affected by paralysis, take bath in pond down the hill, offer milk abhisegam and archanai for getting relief.People observe fasting during shasti tithi for getting relief from marriage problems.

A pond called angu sunai theertham is on the hill and water is taken from this pond for abhisegam. This temple is situated near kumaramalai vilaku on pudukottai to karaiyur at a distance of 12 kms.From kumaramalai vilaku one has to travel further 1 km to reach the base of the temple hill.  

Nov 18, 2013

Shanmuganathar Temple - Viralimalai

Lord muruga cna be seen with peacock in any picture.In most of the murugan temples, any one can see peacock.One such temple which is full of peacock is viralimalai murugan temple in pudukottai district.


Married people pray to lord muruga here for  birth of a child. A special ritual is conducted after the birth of the child as it is submitted before lord muruga. Child's uncle offer rice bran, an extract from rice to lord muruga and  get the child back and give it to the parents.Milk pot, shamumuga velvi are some rituals offered to lord muruga after fulfillment of wishes.

Many siddhars had stayed and worshipped lord muruga here.There is a pond called naga theertham here. Buses are available from trichy to this temple as this is situated on trichy to madurai road. 

Nov 16, 2013

Getting a job in 3 months by praying to lord vinayaga

1.Prepare palkova without sugar.
2.Offer it to lord vinayaga in nearby temple as palkova kappu like sandal paste on sankatahara sathurthi
3.Pray before lord vinayaga by reading vinayagar astagam for 1 time in temple.
4.Offer half of palkova to people in vinayaga temple.
5.Come to house and read vinayagar astagam for 8 times before lord vinayaga photo.
6.Distribute palkova sweet to your family.
7.Repeat the process on 3 sangatagara sathurthi days.
8.Avoid eating non veg food for 3 months inside or outside the house.

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Nov 15, 2013

Pooja materials used for getting Bairavar blessings

Lord bairavar will bless everyone who offer sandalpaste. With it additionally punugu, aragaja, javvathu, kasthuri, korosanai, kumkum, green karpuram should be offred. Abhisegams with Milk, Honey, panneer and fruits are special for Bairavar.

Garlands made of lotus,Vilvam, Thumbai poo, Sandal are should avoid malligai flowers. Sevvarali and yellow samanthi are suitable.

sugar rice, curd rice, honey rice, sevvalai, vella payasam, panagam, aval payasam, ulunthu vadai made in ghee, samba rice, milk and various types of fruits are suitable for Bairavar worship.

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Nov 13, 2013

Dhandayuthapani Temple - Vadapalani

Lord muruga can be seen having hair in his head with sugarcane in his hand in only one place and it is in chettikulam in perambalur district.


During tamil month of masi on 4 th and 5th day during sunset, sun rays fall from muruga's leg to face.In tamilmonth aadi, friday pooja is famous here.On the opposite side, egambreswarar temple is situated as it is rare to see son and father looking at each other.Shanmuga homam is a famous homam offered by devotees here.Lord muruga is a suyambu here.A little pond called thenaruvi can be seen near the temple.

People offer milk abhisegam during shasti for getiing a child.After birth of a child, during panguni uthiram, devotees come round with the child which is in a sugarcane bed specially prepared for this occasion. Here thirukalyanam is conducted on 3 days with one day gap for each as people come here for worship on this occasion for getting marriage soon.

From perambalur to trichy road, one has to reach aalathur first and from there one has to go 8 kms further to reach chettikulam.

Nov 11, 2013

Balasubramanya swamy temple - Kabilarmalai

Usually a temple is closed on three sides and only one way is opened so that cosmic energy flows continuously giving benefits to people visiting the temple. In a murugan temple situated in a hill, on the back side of lord muruga, air flows through a  hole which is made naturally helping lamps to give light continuously.


People worship lord muruga for birth of a child.People offer milk abhisegam, milk pot, and kavadi after fulfillment of wishes.Near uchipillyar temple at the top a specific pooja place where pooja is daily conducted for kabilamaharishi, a sage who had installed lord murgan idol can be seen. A pond called kabilar theertham can also be found.  

This temple is situated at a distance of 28 kms from namakkal to jedarpalayam via paramathi vellore.

Nov 9, 2013

Speciality of Tuesday Durga Pooja

Durga pooja conducted during ragu kalam on tuesdays and fridays bring special benefits for a family.If durga pooja is conducted on  tuesday, it will positive energy which has good mangalya shakthi. On this day offering  lemon fruits as lamps filled with ghee is very special.Praying to sri durga with special songs and after ragu kalam, after offering lemon ghee lamps, cleaning sri durga temple will increase the benefits manifold.

Nov 8, 2013

Speciality of Vinayagar Agaval

Famous tamil poet avvaiyar has wrote a song in tamil language praising Lord vinayaga called Vinayagar Agaval.The Speciality of this song which starts as "seethakalaba" was that it contains spiritual value in abundance for curing mirutyunjaya dosha in itself saving those who is reading the song daily.

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Nov 6, 2013

Siva subramanya swamy Temple - Kalyana malai

In some temples like thirumanancheri, people who are unmarried offer a garland to lord siva and wear a garland as a ritual to get married.Like this ritual, in a murugan temple, during tamil month of panguni, on uthiram star. thirukalyana vaibavam is conducted and devotees prepare garland by thier own for lord muruga to get married.

Devotees offer ghee lamps for 9 tuesdays or 9 fridays for getting relief from sevvai dosham. People also pray for stomach related problems and offer pongal and food after fulfillment of wishes and a good  harvest.This temple was worshipped by veerabagu who is the commander of lord muruga.

This temple is situated in a place called gurusamy palayam which is 10 kms away from rasipuram on the way to tiruchengode.

Nov 4, 2013

Balasubramaniya swamy Temple - Konganamalai

Lord murugan temples can be seen in most of the hills even in villages as there is a tamil proverb called "kundruthorum murugan" indicating lord muruga will be in every hill in this world. Kongana siddhar had stayed and worshipped lord muruga in a hill near rasipuram and the hilll is called kongana malai.


 During tamil month of karthigai, on mondays special pooja is conducted and people offer worship for getting relief from family problems.Separated couples pray for a reunion and childless couples pray for children on this day.Special abhisegam is conducted after fulfillment of wishes.

The temple is situated at a distance of 8 kms from Rasipuram in namakkal district of tamilnadu.

Nov 2, 2013

Nov 1, 2013

Relief for Coma patients

Ketharnath is the sacred spiritual place where Goddess Ambigai got blessings of Lord siva by observing kethara Gowri Pooja. Near Ketharnath, Mandagini river is flowing. People who want their family members affected by coma should pay and bring the mandagini river water here  and should offer pooja for kabaleeswarar for 48 days. One should bring Komuga prasadam after the pooja and should give little drops to the people affected by coma.

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Oct 31, 2013

Varahi worship - For getting benefits in agriculture

During the ancient chola period, varahi worship was so famous as she is the head comander of Goddess Parashakthi. Chola's famous king Rajarajan ruled a vast empire by worshipping Varahi. In Thanjavur Bragadeeswarar temple, first  worship is given to Varahi amman. Due to varahi worship agriculture was so developed as food production was so abundant.

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Oct 30, 2013

Palaniyappar Temple - Belukuruichi

Murugan can be seen in different forms in different places.In a temple lord murugan can be seen and worshipped in the form of a hunter.

 Lord murugan here can be seen as a hunter here when we look straight, as a man when we look from right side and as a women when we look from left side.This is a speciality.People after bathing in yaanai paali theertham pray to lord muruga here for getting remedy from skin allergies, bone problems and childless problems.People who practice yogasana can pray this lord muruga to get excellent results.During tamil month of chithirai, special pooja is conducted as it is believed siddhars worship lord muruga here on that day.

This temple is situated in a place called kollimalai hills in namakkal district.One has to travel to belukurichi from namakkal.From there kollimalai hills is 4 kms away. 

Oct 28, 2013

Palaniyandeeswarar Temple - Seergali

There are several murugan temples which resemble palani murugan.One such murugan can be worshipped in seergali in nagapattinam district.


Lord muruga here is brought from palani as it resembles murugan idol installed palani temple.Here Lord murugan's Vel can be seen instead of dhandayutham. People pray lord muruga here for getting relief from problems inside a family.Several families worship lord muruga as their kuladeivam. Devotees come round with milk pot and kavadi after fulfillment of wishes.

This temple is situated at a place called varisai pathu amapallam which is in the route of seergali to thirumullaivayil at a distance of 9 kms from seergali.

Oct 26, 2013

Benefits of Kethara Gowri Pooja

Kethara gowri viratham is a fasting method observed by Goddess Parvathi for 21 days for getting the blessings of Lord Siva to be a part of himself. After this pooja, Lord siva had accepted her and Arthanareewarar is formed indicating Lord siva and Goddess Parvathi are inseparable.Starting the pooja in tamil month of puratasi ashtami, it is completed on deepavali. This pooja blesses good understanding between couples, happiness in family, good children and theerka sumangali bagyam. 

Please see  jegha mani blog in tamil for more details.

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Oct 25, 2013

Importance of lighting Incense sticks in temples

Incense sticks are lighted to provide good smell wherever it is lighted.It has the ability to clean negative energy which purifies prana shakthi. According to siddhars, by lighting incense sticks  in hill temples from the time of going up the hill till coming down the last step of it, will remove bad people from our circle who indulge in malpractice without our knowledge. 

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Oct 23, 2013

Balasubramanyar temple - Mohanur

Generally married women pray to lord muruga for a child which has his qualities of self confidence, knowledge and beauty as he is praised as the handsome god in tamil language in  several songs.A temple in mohanur near namakkal is famous for this.


People who are affected by sevvai dosham offer prayers to lord muruga here to remove the ill effects of planet mars by offering yellow clothes and sevvarali flowers.People who have nachathira dosha which is caused by birth in which more than one have the same star in their birth chart in one family pray here to remove the ill effects caused by it.

During full moon day, padi pooja, offering pooja to steps of temple is conducted here.108 sangu abhisegam is conducted for sri bairavar here during theipirai ashtami.

Outside the temple in a small hill, idumba who is the guard of murugan temples can be worshipped and vallaba vinayagar who is a special one can be seen here.  

Oct 21, 2013

Kumaran temple - Nagapattinam

In most of the murugan temples, lord muruga can be seen with peacock as his vehicle.Rarely in nagapattinam kumaran temple, murugan can be seen with elephant.

 People who are affected by skin diseases worship lord muruga for getting cured. Theertham which is offered is given to devotees after pooja as it helps for  removal of skin diseases. Kubera here is worshipped specially here for problems related to money.   

This temple is situated in nagapattinam to thanjavur road at naalukaal mandapam bus stop.

Oct 19, 2013

Cosmic remedy for free breathing

People who are affected by asthma should offer five types of food called naivethyam to lord muruga in palani as free breathing is ensuured by this pooja.

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Oct 18, 2013

Importance of Siva patha pooja

Vilvam is used for siva pooja. Vilvam leaf which has 24 stripes in a single leaf is called siva thala patham. Offering this for siva pooja will bring the family together.

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Oct 16, 2013

Subramanya swamy temple - Milagu siddhar

Rarely some indian temples have lord muruga in giving gnana or knowledge for removing ignorance and moving up to the astral world.One such temple is in perampur, in nagapattinam district.


Here lord muruga along with deivanai and valli blesses devotees as a teacher in guru position. Lord siva called as guberalingeswarar and amman called ananthavalli amman are on the backside of murugan temple in north west direction.Here  theivanai has a separate temple for worship.Lord vinayagar and idumban can be worshipped in separate temples.Shanmugarchanai is offered here for lord muruga. Lamp worship is conducted on sunday in durgai temple.

This temple is situated at a distance of 15 kms from mayiladuthurai on the way to nagapattinam via sankaranpanthal at a place called perampur.

Oct 14, 2013

Ettukudi Murugan - Vaanmmegi siddhar samadhi

Murugan temple are so much filled with special milk abhisegams on special occasions ans in so many temples this ritual is held.One such temple is called ettukudi murugan temple which is famous for continuous milk abhisegams during chithirai month full moon day.


For continuous three days milk abhisegam ritual is conducted during tamil month of chithirai full moon day. Another special pooja called chathru samhara thirisathai for preventing people who are severely affected by enemies is conducted for prevention. Here fasting rituals like shasti viradham and gauri viratham are observed on same  day.Vaanmegi siddhar samadhi is under vanni tree inside the temple.

This temple is situated on nagapattinam to thiruthuraipoondi route at a distance of 20 kms in ettukudi.  

Oct 13, 2013

Getting relief from Asthma

People who are having severe breathing troubles can visit kaduveli akashapureeswarar temple and should offer 9 types of medicinal herbal mixtures during sevvai horai. After this one should offer his prayer to lord and must offer food to others which is causing the problem of asthma.

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Oct 12, 2013

Importance of submitting jewels before god in temples

In ancient days, in temples a ritual of submitting and getting one's jewels after pooja before god and goddess  is followed on many occasions.Ancient sages have described that scientifically jewels have the capacity to absorb cosmic rays whether they are weared by women during temple visits or offered to god. When these are submitted to god and goddess of the temple, protection is assured to the family of those who had submitted it as children with good discipline and good family life are blessed.

Oct 11, 2013

Importance of Clay Pillayar

Lord ganesh who is called as Pillayar in tamil language can be made of many materials easily like clay soil, turmeric, sugar and variety of metal materials.But  clay pillyar is powerful in all of them which is very easy to make with soil and water.

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Oct 10, 2013

Importance of Kalyana urchavam

Some marriages are knowingly or unknowingly held during theipirai muhurtham days which will cause severe problems in married life. To avoid this, married couples should help urchavams like tirupathi kalyana urchavam, meenakshi sundareswarar marriage urchavams which will bring the necesssary remedy. 

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Oct 9, 2013

Balamurugan tample - Madurai

In thiruparankundram, lord muruga's vel is worshipped daily.There is another temple in madurai which follows the same tradition of doing vel worship.


On saturdays people black gram is boiled and offered to lord muruga for removal of obstacles in marriage.Lord muruga's weapon vel is worshipped daily here.Special pooja is conducted on shasti, karthigai days.During full moon day food is offered to devotees.During theipirai shasti and sankatahara sathurthi special pooja is conducted in vinayagar temple here. Rahu pooja is conducted in bairavar temple on sundays.

This temple is situated in a place called harvipatti near thiruparankundram. 

Oct 7, 2013

Importance of Sankatahara Sathurthi

When good things like fixing a marriage, attending interviews for a job meet with obstacles people will face difficulties in their life.For removing obstacles, worshipping and conducting sakatahara sathurthi pooja in temples which have Lord ganesh and Lord muruga as dwara balagas who will be guarding the main god will provide good results.

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Oct 6, 2013

Speciality of first day of Tamil month

Every birth of tamil month is very special as Planet sun will travel the globe with special cosmic blessings on this day as visiting temples will provide special blessings to all.

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