Nov 30, 2012

Varatharaja perumal temple - atthi vardhar

Every deity in idol form  any temple of india can be seen at least once a year for benefit of devotees.But in vartharaja perumal temple situated in kanchipuram, a rare idol made of atthi tree is worshipped only once in 40 years.This idol is kept in waters in other periods.


Atthi vardhar : People worship him for getting money.

sudharsana alwar: People worship him and perumal installed here for getting marriage.

Perundevi thayar: Married women worship her for getting good health.

Gold lizard: people worship the gold lizards for removing any dosha that comes due to fall of lizards unexpectedly.

Kanchipuram idli: In 6 am pooja kanchipuram idli is used for worshipping perumal as it is followed from ancient times.

This temple is situated at the middle of kanchipuram town.

Nov 28, 2012

Ulagalanda perumal - For education

People in india have heard hundreds of stories regarding temples and ancestors of india left the stories to teach a moral for all.Anyone can have confidence in his thoughts and actions.It may change depending upon time and that may create overconfidence hiding the true picture.Overconfidence will not bring any good things .

Ulagalanda perumal temple in kanchipuram is teaching a moral to all about over confidence and its effects.


Four divyadesam called as thirukaragam, thiruooragam,thiruneeragam, thirukarvanam are situated in one place.Lord perumal can be seen in the form like extending his right feet in a vertical position such that people who worship the lord will remember that even the world is too little to provide a feet of space.People worship him for good education as a learned thing will be useful when one does not have any overconfidence.  

This temple is situated at a place called thirukarvanam on the way to kanchipuram kamatchi amman temple from kanchipuram bus stand.

Nov 26, 2012

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Nov 23, 2012

Sthalasayana perumal temple - For marriage

Several indian cities near sea shores are so famous from ancient times due to trade which flourished for several hundred years as exports and imports are so common through harbour.One of the famous places in tamilnadu near sea shore is mahabhalipuram.

A temple called sthalasayanaperumal temple is so famous such that unmarried people come and pray here for getting married soon.


People who worship perumal here get married soon as perumal here can be seen in the form of  "thiruparkadal vaigundanathan"  which is a special divine form.

This temple is situated in mahabalipuram in chennai eastcoast road in mahabalipuram in kanchipuram district of tamilnadu.

Nov 21, 2012

Paramapatha nathar temple - For children

In perumal temples, there is a special day called as "vaigunda egadasi" as people offer special worship to lord perumal to go to heaven after death.As all people cannot go to perumal temples on that day, some people make a visit to paramapatha nathar temple in kanchipuram to get the same benefit.


People especially couples who cannot visit to perumal temples on vaigunda egadasi visit this temple to get a child.People offer sugar rice, curd rice to lord perumal for their fulfillment of wishes.

This temple is situated at a place called parameswara vinnagaram in kanchipuram near railway station.

Nov 19, 2012

Vilakoli perumal Temple - For education

In india, Godess saraswathi is worshipped specially for education.There is an ancient verb that illustrates the importance of a wife in one's life for conducting a yagna.Without marriage one cannot settle in a family life.Marriage is decided by earning power, family tradition, traditional value of a family, education and money.

People who want to get better in education can visit vilakoli perumal temple situated in a place called tupul in kanchipuram district of tamilnadu.


Lord hayagreevar can be seen in a separate temple as he is one of the important diety for getting proper education.

This temple is situated at a distance of 1 km from kanchipuram bus stand.

Nov 16, 2012

Alagiya singa perumal temple - Equal to Tirupathi

In india, most of the people are unable to visit important pilgrimage places like kasi, rameswaram as these places are in opposite ends. Some temples in south india are equal to kasi.Like that, a temple in kanchipuram called as alagiya singa perumal temple is equal to tirupathi.


People who have extreme difficulties worship lord narasimmar here for getting a remedy. Perumal is called as  alagiya singar and amman is called as velukkai valli.

Thirumanchanam, a special abhisegam and new clothes are given to lord and amman after fulfillment of prayers by the devotees.

This temple is situated at a distance of 1 km from kanchipuram bus stand on the east direction.

Nov 14, 2012

Benefits of worshipping Twin Vinayagar

Lord Vinayaga is the remover of obstacles and almost in most of the countries in the world worship lord vinayaga in a different name.Worshipping twin vinayagar whicha are called as "rettai vinayagar" is very beneficial for various purposes.Stars like thiruvathirai, thiruvonam, visagam are suitable and most beneficial for worshipping lord vinayaga. Theipirai sathurthi ,Panchami tithi are also suitable for worshipping him.

For sevvai dosham:

worship lord vinayaga during theipirai sathurthi by offering arugampul malai 

For chandra dosha:

worship lord vinayaga by offering kolukattai using garr rice.

For bonding between husband and wife:

worship twin vinayagar by offering mangos and give it to couple who are poor.

For removing diseases:

worship twin vinayagar on thiruvathirai star by offering a vila garland

For removing poverty:

worship twin vinayagar by offering panchamirtha abhisegam during panchami tithi.

For good events like marriage:

worship twin vinayagar by offering a cloth which is designed with flowers 

For naga dosha:

worship twin vinayagar during tuesdays by lighting ghee lamps

For unmarried girls:

worship twin vinayagar by doing santhana abhisegam for getting married soon.

For eye problems:

worship specially nethira vinayagar, specifically in swami malai for getting cured from eye problems.

Thanks to jaghamani's blog. 

Nov 12, 2012

Nithyakalyana perumal Temple - 360 Brides

In some temples, main deities are decorated as couples and their idols are taken out in procession in certain specific days and timings.People who cannot visit temples due to ill health or  family members who cannot visit temples due to loss of a family member worship the lord from distance.

In thiruvidanthai, perumal along with komalavalli amman was taken in procession outside the temple all 365 days in a year.Out of 108 tirupathi, this is the only one temple which has the special thing.


Unmarried men and women worship nithya kalyana perumal and amman for getting married soon.Lord perumal here is said to have married 360 brides by marrying one on each day.

This temple is situated near kovalam in east coast road in chennai to pondichery route in thiruvidanthai bus stop.  

Nov 9, 2012

Vijaya ragava perumal Temple - For married women

There are some special temples  in south india which are having more cosmic energy than the other places so that idols installed in those places are very special and famous.One of the temple which has the capability of giving growth into a seed which is burn in sun is situated in a place called thiruputkuli in kanchipuram district.


Married women who are fasting for getting a child take bath in jadayu theertham and then take a little bit of seeds which are cooked in temple kitchen  and immersed in water.The seeds are tied in a small cloth and married women tie the seeds in  a cloth with their cloth.In the morning the seeds are checked for any growth as it indicates the birth of a new child.

This temple is a special place for pithru tharpanam  as in ancient times lord rama has done it for jadayu.This temple is situated in kanchipuram to vellore district near balurretti chathiram at a distance of 13 kms.

For more details about pithru tharpanam please visit

Nov 7, 2012

Nilathunda perumal temple - Lakshmi for changing destiny

From ancient times, it has been said destiny is unaltered for anyone from birth to death.It may be true to some extent as  man proposes god disposes in every decision taken by people in everyday life.

People especially women want their children to grow with good manners may have hardships in convincing their children to follow the principles laid by ancestors as bond between a child and mother begun to reduce due to this.A temple called nilathunda perumal situated in kanchipuram provides a remedy.


Women pray here for their children for teaching good manners with more affection without any quarrels between them.

Skin problems, stomach problems get cured by praying to nilathunda perumal.People worship goddess mahalakshmi here to change their destiny in to a good one.During full moon day special poojas are conducted for perumal to get blessings of planet moon.

This temple is inside egambaranathar temple in first pragaram.This temple is situated at a ditance of 1 km from kanchipuram bus stand. 

Nov 5, 2012

Kalva perumal Temple - For wealth

Every one in this world thinks that  beauty will be a permanent thing and there is no death for it.Sudden happenings in life turn the world teaching so many lessons to people and important one is nothing is permanent.

A temple situated inside kanchi kamatchi amman temple in kanchipuran is very special as goddess lakshmi along with perumal called as kalvaperumal blesses devotess with wealth.


People who are in need of wealth pray to perumal and sri mahalakshmi by offering curd rice for fulfilling their wishes.

This temple is situated in kanchipuram district of tamilnadu inside kanchi kamatchi amman temple.

Nov 2, 2012

Parthasarathy swamy temple - Panchamurthy

Every temple has a main deity whose idol is installed in a place always and poojas are performed for it according to the traditional customs followed from ancient times.There will be a deity who will be taken out in procession called as "Urchavar" during festivals.Rarely more than one deity will be seen in any temple.

A temple which has 5 main deities in a single place can be seen in Parthasarathy temple is said to a rare one.  


Panchamurthy idols installed in this temple are 

  • Venkata krishnar
  • Sri ranganathar
  • Sri ram
  • Gajendira varathar
  • Yoga narasimmar

Lord krishna with his whole family is special here and can be seen with wives rukmini, mahalakshmi,elder brother balaramar, younger brother sathyagi, son prathyumnan and grand child aniruthan.People pray here for their family welfare.Ner by Lord sriram can be seen with devi sita, brothers lakshman, bharathan and chathrukkanan and lord anjaneya.

This temple is situated in triplicane in chennai city of tamilnadu state of india.


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