Dec 21, 2012

Kallalagar Temple - For rain

Rain is an important source of water for all living beings and various plans are formulated to save rain which is very useful in reducing dependence of well water and river water for all the purposes in india.Due to discontinuance of certain rituals which has scientific importance due to various reasons like  unavailabilty of funds to run the temple lead to uneven monsoon that destroy agriculture which is the basic economy of india.

People who are in need of rain come here and pray to kallalagar for good rainfall as agriculture depends on mostly rain water in south india.


Karppanaswamy: A special deity called "pathittampadi karuppu" which is the god of protection for this temple is so famous for its power as devotees worship him for bringing the truth in problems which has no evidence.

People who are doing agriculture offer first paddy rice to kallalagar as a mark of respect for the good harvest in coming seasons.

Alagar dosai:

Spices offered by devotees are collected and grided and dosa, a south indian breakfast dish is offered which is a mix of various spices grown in madurai.

This temple is situated in a place called alagar kovil which is 20 kms away from madurai.

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