Nov 9, 2012

Vijaya ragava perumal Temple - For married women

There are some special temples  in south india which are having more cosmic energy than the other places so that idols installed in those places are very special and famous.One of the temple which has the capability of giving growth into a seed which is burn in sun is situated in a place called thiruputkuli in kanchipuram district.


Married women who are fasting for getting a child take bath in jadayu theertham and then take a little bit of seeds which are cooked in temple kitchen  and immersed in water.The seeds are tied in a small cloth and married women tie the seeds in  a cloth with their cloth.In the morning the seeds are checked for any growth as it indicates the birth of a new child.

This temple is a special place for pithru tharpanam  as in ancient times lord rama has done it for jadayu.This temple is situated in kanchipuram to vellore district near balurretti chathiram at a distance of 13 kms.

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