Nov 14, 2012

Benefits of worshipping Twin Vinayagar

Lord Vinayaga is the remover of obstacles and almost in most of the countries in the world worship lord vinayaga in a different name.Worshipping twin vinayagar whicha are called as "rettai vinayagar" is very beneficial for various purposes.Stars like thiruvathirai, thiruvonam, visagam are suitable and most beneficial for worshipping lord vinayaga. Theipirai sathurthi ,Panchami tithi are also suitable for worshipping him.

For sevvai dosham:

worship lord vinayaga during theipirai sathurthi by offering arugampul malai 

For chandra dosha:

worship lord vinayaga by offering kolukattai using garr rice.

For bonding between husband and wife:

worship twin vinayagar by offering mangos and give it to couple who are poor.

For removing diseases:

worship twin vinayagar on thiruvathirai star by offering a vila garland

For removing poverty:

worship twin vinayagar by offering panchamirtha abhisegam during panchami tithi.

For good events like marriage:

worship twin vinayagar by offering a cloth which is designed with flowers 

For naga dosha:

worship twin vinayagar during tuesdays by lighting ghee lamps

For unmarried girls:

worship twin vinayagar by doing santhana abhisegam for getting married soon.

For eye problems:

worship specially nethira vinayagar, specifically in swami malai for getting cured from eye problems.

Thanks to jaghamani's blog. 


  1. எமது பதிவின் இணைப்பு தந்து பெருமைப் படுத்தியதற்கு நன்றிகள்..

    இனிய குழ்ந்தைகள் தின வாழ்த்துகள்..



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