Oct 25, 2012

Viruthagireeswarar Temple - 28 Lingams

In some temples, everything will be constructed according to ancient shastras as such  temples are rare to find which are having special importance till date.A temple has everything in five numbers like five dieties, five names for lord siva, five vinayagars, five gopuram, five pragarams, five nandhi's, five inner mandapams, five outer mandapam's five times of worship, five chariots, five names for a single place.It is situated in viruthasalam in cuddalore district.


Aalathu vinayagar: This temple is the second house of the six temples which are  very important for worshipping  lord vinayaga as it contains aalathu vinayagar.

Lord muruga along with valli and theivanai can be seen with 28 lingams and chakras above them as it is a special one for worship who need wealth.

People who birth here or live here or worship here or thinks this temple or attain death here will attain mukthi. This temple is situated in viruthasalam town itself.

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