Oct 4, 2012

Mangalapureeswarar Temple - Turmeric Worship

Usually turmeric and red kumkum (kungumam in tamil language) is used in amman worship.But in certain temples as lord siva and amman can be seen as arthanareeswarar or considered to be one in lingam form itself turmeric and kumkum are offered to lord siva by devotees.

One such temple is situated in a place called thiruchopuram in cuddalore district of tamilnadu.Amman is called sathyayathatchi.


Lingam worshipped here is installed by sage agasthiar.People who are unmarried worship lord siva by bathing and offering turmeric and kumkum.

Music students come here and offer special pooja for lord  dhakshinamurthy with veena here as his idol produces sapthaswarangal when touched . White colour cloth is offered to dhakshinamurthy here.

This temple is situated at a distance of 15 kms from cuddalore. one has to travel 13 kms from cuddalore on chidambaram route to reach a village called aalapakkam.From there another dividing road leads to the temple which is another 2 kms away in thiruchopuram. 

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