Jun 21, 2012

Karaveeranathar Temple - jeeva samathi of sage gauthama

Every temple has a particular plant as temple tree which is called as sthala virutcham in tamil language.Every temple has its own history and cosmic remedies are very different from other temples.This is the speciality of indian temples.

Jeeva samathi is a place where sithars have left their body in a higher yogic state to help ordinary people in life.These places have rich positive cosmic vibrations which help people to lead a good life when they visit them to make a prayer.

Sage gauthama had been residing in a jeeva samathi in a temple in the form of sthala virutcham.The temple is situated at a place called karaiveeram in tiruvarur district of tamilnadu.Lord siva is called as karaveeranathar and amman is called as prathiyatchaminnamai. This temple is said to be more than 1000 years old.


Unmarried women first worship temple tree (sthala virutcham) which is the jeeva samathi of sage gauthama on amavasai day by offering water to it and then lord siva and amman for getting married within a short period of one month.

One has to stay in this temple for one night after worshipping lord siva and amman along with jeeva samathi of sage gauthama for quick results. 

This temple is at a distance of 8 kms from thiruvarur on the way to kumbakonam near a bus stop called vadakandam.

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