May 18, 2012

Padampakka nathar Temple - For puthira dosha

In every home, people show affection to small children as they are just growing up and learning new things to face the competitive world. children were given preference during childhood.But in some families children suddenly meet death.This is due to placement of planets ragu or ketu or guru in 5 th house without any good placements of other planets.This is called puthira dosham.

People who are facing problems due to puthira dosha can visit a temple called padampakkanathar temple situated in thiruvotriyur in thiruvallur district.This temple is said to be more than 1000 years old.

Speciality of this temple is lord siva, amman, temple tree, temple pond are two in number.Lord siva is having two forms called aathipureeswarar and otreeswarar.Amman is present in two forms called as  vadivudaiamman and vattaparaiamman.Temple trees are atthi maram and magila maram.Ponds are bramma theertham and atthi theertham.Pooja offered are of two types called karanam and kaamegam.

Amman in this temple is in the form of gnanashakthi. Around this temple in melur thiruvudainayagi is present at a distance of 15 kms which is icha sakthi form. In another temple amman is in the form of kriya sakthi called as kodiyidai nayagi.These three amman idols are formed from one rock.During full moon day, people worship these three temples as a special form of worship.Sri chakram is  installed in vattaparai amman temple here.From chennai buses are available to thiruvotriyur.  

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