Feb 15, 2012

Thirumaraikadar Temple - For removing brammahathi dosha

People are not excluded for their sins committed during their birth in various time periods comprising of four yugam. During this period of kaliyuga people suffer mostly due to brammahathi dosha which is caused for killing other people in previous births.Mind will not be steady and people cannot find a particular reason for their suffering which continuous for several years.

A temple called thirumaraikadar temple situated in vedaranyam  in nagapattinam district is so famous for curing this type of obstacles as taking bath in manikarniai theertham is so special as ganga river.Another speciality is that a place called aadhi sethu which is nearby sea in south direction is a place for removing dosha through poojas.

Kodiakarai is the near by place and transport facilities are available thanjavur, thiruthuraipoondi and nagapattinam.Amman here is called as veda nayagi.

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