Dec 7, 2011

Thiruvalleswarar thirukovil - remedy for guru dosha

 If Guru is in good placement in one's astrological chart one can come up in life with his keen intellect.If it is placed in houses like 6,8 or 12, then life will be very hard.It will cause guru dosha.For every one if there is a good teacher his life will be good even in difficult times.A temple called thiruvalleswarar thirukovil near thiruvalithayam (also called as  padi) in chennai district of tamilnadu  is a shrine that serves as a remedy for those who are affected by guru dosha.The temple is said to be more than 1000 years old.

It is said if one prays the lord siva in full moon day, one will get great benefits. One have to worship lord dhakshinamurthy on thursday by offering yellow saffron to reduce guru dosha.


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