Dec 3, 2011

Atchayapureeswarar thirukovil - Remedy for leg pain

 In the world pain occurs in any form to people.This affects people in different formats in different region of their body. One such pain is leg pain.People who are working in construction field have to stand a long time due to their  work nature. Due to ageing leg pain becomes common.For them a temple in a place called vilankulam in thanjavur district offers a remedy.The temple is said to be more than 1000 years old.

One has to travel from pattukottai to rameshwaram in east coast road and vilankulam is in a distance of 30 kms from pattukottai.From there one has to travel 2 kms in south direction.

For people having star pusam this is a parigara shrine. People who are born in pusam star come and worship on saturdays with 8 types of things like nallennai, honey, panchamirtham, punugu, coconut water, santhanam, milk, and curd to get navagraga saturn's blessings.      

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