Sri karkodeswarar temple - for reunion of couples

 There is a special temple for people who want to unite and live happily if they are separated due to problems in marital life before or after marriage.This temple is also a parigara sthalam for ragu,ketu and saturn dosha.The temple is called sri karkodeswarar kovil.The temple is situated in a distance of 25 kms from thiruvayaru in thanjavur district.

  Lord shiva destroyed husband of rathi when he disturbed lord siva during his penace.The husband of rathi is said to be given life by lord siva in this temple in an answer to prayer of rathi.Head of snakes karkodaga is said to be given life by lord siva when all other snakes are killed by maha raja pareetchit through kala sarpha yaga in a bid to save his life.  


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