Sri kadan nivartheeswarar - Temple for debt relief

People are often burdened by debit.Mainly one runs bad  period debit burden become inevitable.Everyone wants a remedy to get rid of debt . A temple called Kadan nivartheeswarar temple which is situated in a place called Thirucherai offers a helping hand for the devotees.The temple is situated 15 kms from kumbakonam on kumbakonam to thiruvarur road.The lord siva here is also called as udayar, senneriyappar and sara parameswarar.

 There is also a lingam which is installed and worshipped by Markandeya called Runavimochaneswarar lingam which is in outer pragaram.Worshiping the lord here is said to be very beneficial for people who want to be debt free.Every human born in this world is debt to lord,rishi and pithru.To clear this one has to worship this lord.One has to visit 11 consecutive monday's to get rid of debits.As this is not practically possible one can register all names of family numbers for archana that will be performed for 11 mondays.Cost for this is rupees 165.Abishegam for lord siva  is done with 11 different materials.

On 13,14,and 15th of Tamil month of Masi Sun ray's fall directly on shiva lingam.After praying runa vimochaneswarar one has to pray mahalakshmi and jyestadevi to be debt free for rest of his life.Navagraga dosham is also said to be cured if one pray to the lord here.


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