visit Keelampur Venkatesha Perumal - avoid divorce

   There is a perumal temple in a village called Keelampur in Tirunelveli district of Tamilnadu state in India.The speciality of the temple is that if couples are separated due to misunderstandings they will be united if anyone of them come and pray here.This information is known by inscriptions found here. It is inscribed as Ravivarman, a king from kerala who lived separately came to this temple and prayed lord sri venkatesa perumal and was reunited with his wife.The main dieties are sri venkatesa perumal and neela devi.   

 If one wants to clear his debit, he should do homam  during valarpirai should pray to neela devi to recieve gubera yoga. All types of   diseases are said to be cured here if one come and visit this temple.If there are differences between couple, one should come here to solve it for a happy reunion.The sthala virutcham here is Vilvam tree. 

The temple is situated on the bus route way of ambasamithiram and thenkasi, and is next to a place called alvarkurichi. - information in tamil is given here.


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